20 Mar

A distraction, detracts

Back in November Ed Miliband was heavily pushing Labour’s childcare policy, as usual he did the round of broadcast interviews starting off with breakfast television.

That morning his hair looked particularly tousled and slightly damp, like he’d literally just left the shower (which he quite possibly had). Was this a new look he was going for? Was this a response to George Osborne’s new haircut? Did he think he could attract younger voters with his new hairstyle? Or had he simply missed his last hair appointment and got up late? All questions which I was mulling over as I watched and judging from the papers the next day the same thoughts were being had by several columnists.

However while we were thinking these slightly vacuous thoughts what we weren’t doing was listening to him and his party’s policy on childcare and therein lies the point of this post.

If you are appearing on camera make sure there is nothing about you which will distract the viewer. Make sure your tie is straight, your collar isn’t poking out, there isn’t a stray bit of hair sticking up, all these things will detract from your message. Vanity isn’t seen as a particularly ¬†attractive quality and some find it hard to suddenly concentrate on their appearance but if you’re appearing before a camera being confident in the way you look isn’t vanity it is necessity.

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